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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

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COVID 19 Prayers

It is certainly settling in these days- long term and wide-sweeping. We are beginning to understand that  the future is not ever going to be quite the same. We don't know exactly what that means just yet- perhaps we are afraid to picture that now. In all of this I have faltered in how to respond, set my days, and bring encourage to my family and friends. When it sorts out at the end of the day-  there is one thing I know. Under stress-  people resort to what they know best. And it is stressful days right now-  and the only thing that makes sense to me-  is the tried and true. My "go-to" rises to the top  and as I reflect and look back  at that last few days, I see a pattern. The patter is prayer. Day out and week in-  that is just what makes sense to me. The above prayer page is one  that my friend Pat Maier  created for Visual Faith Ministry. It is where I am sitting  and writing and noting  and resting in these days.  I share it with you right here: covid-19-prayer-sheet-by-pat-maier Print and shar…

Worship into the Week- Living Water

Worship into the Week- John 4: 1-26 Living Water

Jesus stops by Jacob's well in Sychar in Samaria.
A number of things get shifted culturally in this story.
Jesus talks to a woman.
Jesus talks to a woman in a rather private conversation.
Jesus treats this woman with the same regard
 he would one of the women 
who followed him and his ministry.
Jesus is all about turning protocol upside down.

We hear a bit more of her story 
and Jesus unveils a new direction for her life.
Things are changing in priority for her,
as truth is set before her as Living Water.
Then, she goes back home and tells-
The people convince Jesus
 to stay with them for 2 days-
Many believed as the result of her story sharing.
She was the light that brought the LIGHT to many.

Oh, that the Lord would find us 
sharing the Good News to those around us,
especially in these days of disquiet and unknown.
In you, O Lord, we place our trust,
and rest in your great love for us. Amen
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When you don't see the road ahead...

I have shared this prayer a number of times  over the years and yet somehow - today.... it is so relevant. I taped a paper copy to an inside cupboard  in the kitchen perhaps 20 years ago.
I have read it a 1000 times.
Now this lovely version  from my friend, Diane, rests on a window sill  in the kitchen by the table  where I spend a lot of time. Gazing into the back yard watching Spring explode, time in prayer,  and doing stuff on my computer. Today as my eye settled on here once again-  I breathed this prayer- read every line. Then shut my eyes and rested. "I will not fear,  for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me  to face my perils alone." Amen.

St Patrick's Day and Covid 19

St. Patrick's Day has somehow been overshadowed  in all realms of the world today by Covid-19. Somehow rivers dyed green and Guinness festivities have melted  into the backstory of the day.  We are centered on schools closed,  rising death tolls, and the calamity of a rocky economy. Western Christianity often addresses the zones  of human concern in three levels. The bottom level deals with factors  in life that our senses can apprehend. Here we follow recipes, prepare our taxes,  mow the lawn, and a 1000 other things. The top level deals with the ultimate issues  in life that are beyond what our senses can perceive. That might include our origins, purpose and destiny. What melts into the middle level  are the questions of uncertainty of the near future, the crisis of present life, and the unknown of the past. We live with known things  but much of life is "unpredictable." So, here we find ourselves today  dealing with life in the middle level  and all of the unknown.  Yet, as Christians, we hav…

Worship into the Week- Everlasting

Worship into the Week-- John 3: 16-21 For God so Loved the World
Jesus is very specific: the Light has come into the world, and the people loved the darkness  rather than the light- "because their works were evil." "But whoever does what is true  come to the light so that it may be  clearly seen that his works  have been carried out in God."
God has a design of LOVE for the world- it is Jesus- the light bringer. The reward is everlasting life  for those who walk in the light.
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Isaiah is TWO

Mr. Isaiah is Two. He had fun figuring out the gift opening thing.  He got a bit distracted with a toy- here and there. There was a big brother helper  when needed. Fun party decorations. Mom made yummy cupcakes  and pizza for all. Looks like those cupcakes were pretty good. Fun to rewatch the video of singing  the Happy Birthday song. We love you Mr. Isaiah- your fun smile and happy heart. May the Lord bless your new year!