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Worship into the Week- Declare

Worship into the Week-
Luke 8:26-39

Jesus Heals a Man with a Demon
On the other side of the Sea of Galilee
 from Capernaum
is the country of the Gerasenes.
A man met Jesus as he stepped out on the land.
He knew Jesus.
Jesus had commanded the demons to come out.
Then Legion confronts Jesus 
and begs him to enter the pigs
 rather than be sent to the abyss.
It is rugged on this part of the shore
 with a high spot and steep drop off.
It would have been a pretty spectacular 
spectacle of the racing pigs
 for the edge of the ridge.
The herdsmen went in the city
 and country to tell the pig story.
Then others came to see what had happened.
They find the "possessed" man- clothed,
 in his right mind, 
and sitting at the feet of Jesus.
This scared them.
Those who had seen the event told them all about it.
Afraid- they ask Jesus to leave.
The healed man begs to go with Jesus.
Jesus sends him away,
telling him-
"Return to your home,
and declare how much God 
has done for you." 

That man had a BIG STORY.
Sometimes we may feel like
 we don't such a dramatic storyline.
Nothing worthy of sharing.
But, in the small scheme of things,
where there has been a God-intersection 
in our life- that is a BIG STORY.
Wherever home is-
wherever there is family and friends,
that's where we are SENT.
Sent to share the story of just 
what it means to be invited by Jesus
 to sit at His feet.
Because we all have been restored.


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