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Lenten 2020- The Journey Begins

The permission page for my  Lent Visual Faith journey this year. Junk mail and paper scraps. I loved this theme- fix your Eyes on Jesus. This will be my walk this season. I am using this book for Lent this year.  Visual Faith Ministry was blessed to have teamed for this collaborative effort with Rev. Justin Rossow. Their input included creative vision, art and support in the experiments for an interactive learning experience. No right or wrong way to interact or process. That is a wonderful open door for people. It uses familiar hymns  and newer music from song writer Kip Fox.

It is the #1 new release on Amazon this past week- in Christian Devotional and a few other categories.
Not too late to join the journey if you want to join in!

There is also a Facebook 
Pop-Up Group to join to be in Community.
Here is the Link to Join:
Lent POP UP Group- FB

May your Lenten walk be a blessing
 to you and your family!

Worship into the Week- My Beloved Son

Worship into the Week- Matthew 17: 1-13 The Transfiguration
Time for the Glory of Jesus to be revealed.  It would take a HIGH place to encompass this-  the height of His ministry.  My personal connection for this is Mt. Hermon-  the highest mountain in Israel.  (the local tradition in Mt. Tabor) The proximity of Mt. Hermon  to the previous story in Caesarea Philippi-  makes sense.  It would take a few days to travel  to the top from there. The disciples are trying to put all of this together. Probably fits into their "wildest trips" category for a Jewish man- Moses, Elijah and Jesus- together. No wonder they fell to the ground.  Jesus reached out and said- "Rise and have no fear." Just as He does for us every day. His Glory transcends anything  that is an obstacle in your life- dear child. And the voice of the heavenly Father  breaks forth from the heavens. "This is my Beloved Son,  with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him." We heard these words  at the baptism of Jesus.  (Matthew 3:…

Loretto Chapel- Santa Fe

Loretto Chapel- Santa Fe   is a former Roman Catholic Church  that is now a museum and wedding chapel. It is know for the unusual
 helix-shaped spiral staircase- the "Miraculous Stair".  Popular lore states that the Sisters of Loretto  credited St. Joseph with its construction. There is no center support in the stairs 
that rise 20 feet to the choir loft while making 2 full turns. 
The wooden staircase is held together with wooden pegs
 and glue and no nails or other hardware. 
The wood is a type of spruce,
not native to New Mexico  
It was built between 1877 and 1881  and the handrails were added in 1887.
Modern day woodworkers acknowledge
 the remarkable feat of workmanship done
 with crude hand tools,
 no electricity and minimal resources. 
Even the mathematic theory for the execution was difficult.
The untimely death of the architect in 1879, might account for the challenge  of a choir loft and no stairs.    According to "legend",  the Sisters of Loretto  prayed for a solution and a my…

Worship into the Week-Reconciled

Worship in the Week- First Be Reconciled Matthew 5: 21-24  Psalm 119: 2, 7
Relationships are the foundation   for family, work and community. In all things we must be reconciled. There must be the coming together of heart. Each person is precious and even hurtful thoughts- "murder" the Person. God wants us to live in the realm of reconciliation. This is the rock bottom foundation for ministry. Jesus has paid the price that gives us  this gift to offer everyone. We have so many blessings- and this great invitation calls us  to SEEK HIM with our whole heart.
Supplies:  Visual Church Year
childrens-bulletin-matthew-521-22-2162020 Junk Mail Magazine Cutouts Colored Pencils   Fine-point Sharpie pen

The Georgia O'Keefe Museum

Sante Fe, New Mexico is home  to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. Sharing some of the favorites  from my visit there.
Untitled- Vase of Flowers 1903-1905   Watercolor paper

The Black Iris, 1926 Oil on Canvas
Petunia No. 2, 1924 Oil on Canvas
Autumn Trees- The Maples, 1924 Oil on Canvas Winter Cottonwoods, East V, 1954 Oil on Canvas
Mesa and Road East, 1952 Oil on Canvas Untitled- Red and Yellow Cliffs, 1940 Oil on Canvas
Ram's Head , blue Morning glory, 1938 Oil on Canvas

Worship into the Week-Shine

Worship into the Week Matthew 5- 1-16
The Beatitudes
Salt and Light
 Isaiah 58
Time to shine in this world. That the Glory might be given to our Father.
Supplies: Visual Church Year Project
childrens-bulletin-isaiah-588-292020 Prisma Color pencils junk mail magazine cutouts Fine-point Sharpie pen

Levi is FOUR

This is our dino loving  birthday cake smudge face Levi. Wearing his birthday crown from preschool.
Celebrating his February 8 birthday. Birthdays can be very serious business.  With Auntie Kristin Waiting with dad for the cake surprise.

Dinos on my cake- Yes!!! Brother Isaiah loved the dinosaurs  with frosting on them. And brother Jonah  just loved the cardboard boxes.
 New toys- 
fun things and on to the next year!
Concentrating on a building project.
Dear God, we pray for Levi  to have a wonderful new year. You are such a blessing as a gentle,  sweet, curious young man. May the Lord gift you with all grace  and His good gifts. Amen.

Kursi- Israel Pilgrimage

Kursi in the Golan Heights                                     is an archaeological site 
containing the ruins of a Byzantine monastery  and identified as the site 
of Jesus' Miracle of the Swine. The site is now a National Park. 
Kursi lay unknown for many centuries until pieces  of Byzantine pottery were noticed  in the trail of a bulldozer constructing  a new road to the Golan Heights in 1970. They also found an ancient fishing
 harbor with a breakwater. This is the largest known Byzantine  monastery complex in Israel,  it has been partially reconstructed. Kursi was an important place of  Christian pilgrimage     from the 5th century,  when the lakeside towns of  Capernaum, Bethsaida and Chorazin  all three condemned by Jesus for their lack of faith —  had fallen into decline. Different Gospel manuscripts offer conflicting names   for the area in which the miracle took place —  the country of the Gadarenes,
 Gerasenes, or Gergesenes. What is certain is that the location
 was in gentile territory.